There are many causes of infertility, which can be defined as” difficulty in becoming pregnant (conceiving) despite having regular sex when not using contraception for one year”.

Age is one of the most determining factors. Older women tend to be less fertile than younger women. The fall off of fertility seems to be greatest once you are past your middle 30s and more severe is the fall beyond 40years. Stress is another factor that can also affect libido and leads to anxiety and indirectly lead to fertility issues.

Ovulation problems in women

Not producing eggs (ovulating) is the cause of problems in about 1 in 4 couples. In some women, this is a permanent problem. In some it only happens from time to time: some months ovulation occurs and some months it doesn’t. There are various causes of ovulation problems including: 

The fallopian tube, cervix, or uterine problems

These are the cause in about 2 or 3 in 10 couples with infertility. Problems include:

Causes of infertility in men

In some couples,  the male partner may be responsible alone(50%) or in combination with the female partner. The most common reason for male infertility is a problem with sperm, due to an unknown cause. The sperm may be reduced in number(count), less able to swim forwards (motility), and/or be abnormal in their form(morphology).

There are various factors that may affect sperm production and male infertility. These include:


No cause can be found in about 1 in 4 couples with infertility.

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